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Hi there, I am saved by God into his Kingdom to become his Son, my name used to be Jefferson Danrage Chua, then God told me I am Michael, so i tried to add it to my name Jefferson, therefore Jeffermichaelson but it sounded weird and funny, so, I choose the name my mom wanted to call me when i am young - Michaelangelo! Nice to meet you! 🙂

Web designer/developer, Sales & Marketing Specialist and a writer.. and loves pizza.. You?

I specialize in organic digital marketing, creative and out-of-the-box marketing tactics, if you need a lead by example-leader/manager, that would be me. Also, being the curious 蔡奇學, I would love learning new skills… like investment, creating something new, idk.. so much huh?


2014 – Present / Spinages LLP

B2B Sales, Web Development & Digital Marketing Manager

Roles & Responsibilities
SEO Blogging, Customer Loyalty, Voucher Development, WordPress Expertise, Designs and Layout, Namecard, Brochure & CIS Designs, Facebook Viral Marketing, Facebook AI Bots(chat fuel), Web CRM Integration, Enterprise Solution Partnership Integration, Grant Assistance, B2B Client Negotiation and Presentation, Pre-Sales and Sales Administer, Accounting and Bank Integration, Invoice and E-Commerce, Subscription and Booking Module Integration, Project Management, SEO Backlinks Expert insights, Video Editing, Automated Marketing Tools and EDM marketing, CRM Team Integration with Facebook Messenger

2014 - 2016 / Anovate Soft Pte Ltd

Sales & Marketing Manager

Roles & Responsibilities
B2B Sales of Websites, Web Application & Mobile Applications, Interview, Team Training, Sales Kit Creation, Name Card and Brochure Designs, Networking, Cold-Calling, Door to Door Sales, Implementation and Creation of Company Website, Managed Blogs and Social Media, SEO / SEM, Sourced for Training Resources for Various Staff for Upgrade of Skills, Web Hosting, Government Grant Research, Generation of Invoice, Quotation and P.O, Implementation of Productivity and Accountability Solutions.

Leadership & Management
Lead & Managed a Team of 5 Consistent of Project Manager, Design Team and Developers
Notable Achievements
Brought in Total Sales of $467 300

2017 – 2018 / Hollysys (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Marketing Specialist

Roles & Responsibilities

Web Development (WordPress), Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing ( Adwords ) , Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter), Data Analysis, Google Analytics and CRM Integration, Vtiger CRM, Client Meeting, Planning and Designing of Brochure, Company Video Planning and Editing, Events Management, Monthly Sales Reports, Administrative Email and Customer Support, Corporate Gifts, Company welfare and birthday planning, company events catering and etc.


University of Life

16.09.1994 -present


WordPress Expertise
– Payment Integration, Inventory Management, Live Streaming, Social Media Live Feeds, Social media Integration, Web Point of Sales System, Appointment and Booking, Membership Payment Subcription, Facebook Messenger Integration, Advance Content Management System, Membership and registration system, Social Login and Api Integrations

Other Skills

– HTML & CSS, Design Mockup Workflow, Investor Pitch Presentation Kit, Sales Kit Deployment, Digital Marketing Strategies, Advance WordPress Development, Enterprise Solution Integration & Implementation, Blogging / Writing, Swimming, Diving, Singing, Excel Formula, G Suite Implementation, Web Development, Event Security & Communication, Negotiation & Legality Contract Creation, SEO / SEM, Muay Thai, Driving, Film-Acting and Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Audio Visual Setup, CCTV and Enterprise Solutions Implementations.

Notable Special Skills: Implementation of Enterprise Integrated Solution, Disruptive Marketing Strategies and Formation of Win-Win Partnership / Structures

Notable Certifications

– Specialist Diploma In Info-com Sales & Marketing @ Lithan Academy
– WDA Outsource Project Management
– WDA Digital Marketing
– WDA Sales Kit Mastery


Digital Marketing 90%
WordPress 95%
B2B Sales 80%
Managing Teams 70%
Having fun 100%


  • www.jfmichls.sg
  • jfmichls@gmail.com
  • ( +65 8382 5930 )
  • m.me/jfmichls


COMPANY INTRODUCTION ( Animation - After Effects )


To whom may concern, As manager in-charge of Jefferson, we have worked together for more than half a year, he is a professional at digital marketing in CMS website development, SEO, SEM, and integrated digital marketing campaign. Jefferson has many creative ideas and will implement to realize his ideas. In HollySys, whenever I assigned a task to Jefferson, he can do it well and return back to me with satisfying result. He likes challenges at work, besides his marketing work, he also assisted the company to improve procedures and workflow by using various software which he is also good at. Adding on to that, Jefferson is also proficient in sales by giving many good proposals for promoting sales that increase revenue. The proposals and ideas suggested by him have proven their effectiveness.
Dora Li
Marketing Manager @ HollySys Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Film Works

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